matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Control Unleashed: Class Three

We started with massage.  We did some DoggieZen. I  held a treat near Matilda's face and rewarded her with a treat from my other hand as soon as she looked at me. We did more mat work. I sent her to her mat from various positions and distances and kept her there for different lengths of time.  We did whiplash turns. Whenever Matilda looked away, I called her name and rewarded her whiplash turns with a treat.  Kienan came around and engaged each dog in play so we could call from a play situation.

The new activity was the Give Me a Break game.  We each took a turn in the ring.  You engage your dog in an activity which you reward with rapid fire treats.  On Monday Matilda had had a hard time holding her start line sit so I decided to work on a sit. After ten or so treats I dismissed her and went and sat in a chair in the ring to take a break until she came over to me wanting to restart the game which she did almost immediately.  You repeat this process a number of times.The idea is to create a dog who wants to stay focused and work with you.

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