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this place is for the birds



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We arrived in  Connecticut at night  with snow on the ground. By morning the warm drizzle had melted the the snow and revealed scat of various kinds all over the ground.  Does anyone know what this is next to the deer scat? Is it bear?

  • It does look like bear scat, but it could also be deer scat. Deer have both pellet and clumped scat. So perhaps it's from a bear that had deer for dinner. But it may be from a deer with a slightly different diet.

    This is deer scat:


  • i hope this new years posting isn't a prediction of the kind of year we are going to have...
    • I hope not also. On Urban Nature the posting inspired quite a jolly conversation among respondents.
  • (Anonymous)
    Its deer...From eating alot of green plant material.
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