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Two Jobs I hadn't Counted on Doing

Two Jobs I hadn't Counted on Doing

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When I got home last night after Control Unleashed I went to open the garage door, but I couldn't lift it.   One of springs had broken.  This happens periodically but it has been quite a while since the time before. I turned off the car and left it in the driveway. In the morning there it was to remind me of what I needed to do.  Last time this happened I must have bought four new springs.  My former neighbor had suggested this, but I saved two of the old ones.  This time I didn't buy new ones.  I decided to use one of the old but still I hope good ones. I lifted the door high enough to rest it on one of my garbage cans.I removed the broken spring. Inside the garage I found the two by four I have used before to hold the door open. I struggled to get the door to rest on top of the two by four, but the remaining three springs were still  tight.  I needed to get the door higher to get the good spring on the hook. I found the second two by four I used before and pushed the door higher.  Finally, the springs were loose enough that after quite a few tries I was able to push the spring onto the hook and secure it.  I felt good.  I felt independent and competent.

My second unexpected job was brought to me by Matilda. I had left her outside to play for awhile. When she came inside, she smelled bad. She must have rolled in cat poop.  I thought about whether I could just do a partial wash.  But it was her head and her shoulder that smelled, not good locations for a partial wash. I was especially upset because she has an appointment with the groomer for a bath and a haircut on Tuesday.  I thought it would be better to leave her with friends for Christmas with a clean somewhat shorter coat.  Anyway it was off to Pet Bath, a $10 self service place. Here she is still quite damp after we returned home.

It's good these happened on a Saturday.

  • Liza springs into action!

    she looks so surprised... we had to do a partial wash tonight... Stella drank puddle water yesterday and I'm hoping its just an upset stomach... we keep getting these warnings from FIDO about leptosprirosis
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