matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Matilda's Big Day

Today Matilda and I did our first agility run outside of a class or our backyard.We went to an Agility Fun Day Show & Go in Riverside.

Matilda, Grammy 1 and I were the second ones there. A cocker spaniel and his owner were waiting for the gate to open when we arrived a little before eight. We could see numerous Belgian Tervurens in their kennels. When Mark Upshaw opened the gate we came in and set up Matilda's soft crate with her bed on a tarp under a tree. We had one folding chair, a cooler, water, bowl, Matilda's slip collar leash for agility. In addition to the judging ring there were two practice rings and a swimming pool. I bought tickets for three runs. Matilda and I set off for the practice rings. Oh dear!!!! What a mistake I thought. Matilda was higher than a kite. She took off running and wouldn't come back to me. She'd come in close and then dart off. I was thinking this could be a disaster.

Finally, she came back to me.

I took her back to the area of the judging ring and went off to walk the course.

I did some exercises with Matilda to get her focus: leg weaves, heeling, jumps on leash,and we went back to the practice rings and worked with greater success. At 9:00 Mark Upshaw started judging the timed runs. Our three runs were anything but clean, but they were great fun and a good experience. Mark offered suggestions and encouragement along the way.

Here are pictures from all three runs.

We had to start the weaves several times before we got them.

The woman who was set up next to us took her dog into the pool after each run. Maybe we'll try that another time.

Today Matilda had to stay clean and dry for the second part of her big day. I took her home to brush her out and put on her therapy dog vest. I changed my clothes and we were off to Barnes and Noble where Paws to Heal our local therapy dog group was having a fund raiser.

There were two dog teams there when we arrived.

For awhile we were there by ourselves.

Later another team joined us.

Many people came over to talk to us and pet the dogs. The dogs were quite a draw. We offered them our coupons. If they made a purchase and showed our coupon, we earned a percentage of the sale. It was fun. It was dark when we left.

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