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this place is for the birds

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

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Today was S's birthday. To celebrate 1grammy and I took S for to Walnut for a foot massage.

We got settled into big comfortable chairs and were brought tea. Next they brought big buckets of warm water for a foot soak.

They dried our legs and feet and wrapped them in towels.

Then for an hour they massaged our legs with fragrant creams from our knees to the tips of our toes.

Finally, for another fifteen minutes or so we each had a back massage. All this cost just $15 each!!! We thanked the owner, left nice tips, took several cards to give to friends, and agreed that we would be back.

We followed this amazing experience with dim sum lunch at Happy Harbor Restaurant nearby.

Finally, we went shopping at the giant Asian market next door to the restaurant.

  • That sounds so luxurious and fun! What a great idea and what an amzing price!
    • Do they have foot massage places in New York? We saw another one right next to the restaurant also charging $15. I don't know if this place is as good as the one where we went, but $15 must be the going rate.
  • so did this make you all the more agile for agility?

    • Well, my legs felt different. They must get a lot of repeat business. They have a card saying after nine visits the tenth visit is free.
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