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this place is for the birds

Our Third Labradoodle Romp

Our Third Labradoodle Romp

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Last Sunday Matilda and I and Grammy1 went to our third Labradoodle Romp in Malibu. There were about 130 dogs running free with nary a growl or tiff.

I found the Matilda look alike dog from the the evite invitation to the romp.

We ran into Audrey and Archie. Archie is from Hudson Labradoodles, Stella's breeders.

The lunch was delicious.

After lunch were the contests. For tricks Matilda and I did leg weaves.

She was the runner up and we won two bottles of wine.

She won the blue ribbon for obedience.

Sit stay.

Down stay

  • To a winning team

    Pretty soon you two will be on Letterman. Couldn't ask for a better prize than two bottles of wine. Love the bandana!
  • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    and go friend semperfido so you can read her reports on her agility competitions with Whisper... she seems to be really using LJ as a journal for her agility work with her dog and her thoughts and goals are so useful and frank and feeling--very much in the dog's corner... and then she often has video of her runs too
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