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Tricks Seminar

Tricks Seminar

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The grand finale event of my summer vacation was the Sassie Joiris tricks seminar . My sister and her younger daughter, Stella, Matilda, and I spent Saturday at Clean Run in Massachusetts.

We watched Sassie's dogs performing amazing tricks.They perform on TV and in movies.

Matilda worked on learning to crawl and she was good at catching rings on her head.

But it was riding the skateboard that really seemed to capture her fancy. She jumped right on the board and pushed herself forward.

I'll have to check yard sales and pick up a board for her when I get home.
  • Hi!

    I just stumbled upon your blog rather by accident, googling to see whether there were any internet mentions of the semianr I'm doing next week!

    Say hi to Matilda from me. I hope you got her her skateboard!!!

    • Matilda doesn't have her skateboard yet, but I'm working on it. A friend's neighbor said he would put one together for me.

      Edited at 2008-09-02 12:02 am (UTC)
  • have you been reading Sassie's posts???
    here's the most recent, an agility competition with Boing.. when are you and Matilda going to try one? You should. Don't wait for perfection... she'll be fabulous!
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