matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Recall Class and Doodle Romp

Today Stella, her family, and Matilda and I went to an obedience class held in the most amazingly lovely setting beside beautiful ponds on a wide lawn in the shade of tall trees.

There were ten dogs in attendance: three poodles,six Hudson Labradoodles, and Matilda, a Cherry Valley Labradoodle(from California). Curtis Rist of Hudson Labradoodles was teaching the class. Our lesson for the day involved improving our ability to recall our dogs. The "mom" of one of the Hudson Labradoodles had graciously invited Curtis to hold his class at her home in this wonderful spot in upstate, New York.

After the formal recall work in the class came the most fun part of the day, the romp. We set our dogs free to run and play. We continued to work on recall skills, calling our dogs to us as they played, and rewarding them when they on their own decided to come check in with us.

Matilda took off for a swim. She got half way across the pond. I got a little worried. I think she did,too. I called her name, and she turned around and swam back to where I and the other "moms and dads" were standing.

The dogs played by the river, too,but no one went in.

A visitor came and all the dogs ran up the hill to investigate.

It was a wonderful day for all!

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