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this place is for the birds

More Playing

More Playing

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The girls are making progress. On the advice of Stella's breeder we moved the playing outside. He also suggested that before we let the dogs play, the four of us play "leap frog". On leash both dogs start on a down. One of us releases our dog from the down and runs around wildly while the other dog stays on a down. Now the second dog and mom get to run around and be wild while the first dog is on a down. We repeat this over and over. Then we let the dogs play. Tonight the dogs played really nicely. Inside the dogs have been playing pretty well, but outside the playing would end in Matilda chasing Stella into a corner and stopping her cold. It has seemed to really upset her to see Stella run. Tonight Matilda actually let Stella chase her without going berserk. We couldn't believe it!


    Now they can get down to making mischief!! Glad to see that they are on the way to bonding like true cousins should. What doggy fun!
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