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this place is for the birds

Cross Country Trip

Cross Country Trip

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It took six days for Matilda and me to make our trip from California to Connecticut. Mostly we stayed at Super 8 motels. In Salina, Utah they had treats for Matilda and a Rubber Ducky for my bath.

We played ball in the room each night.

We stopped to take in the views and to shp in Utah.

We liked the view at the Vail Pass rest stop, too.

We saw a rainbow in eastern Colorado.

And windmills in Kansas.

Sunday we arrived at the lake. Finally, Matilda and Stella met.

  • So the cousins finally meet

    It is so hard to tell who is who I guess Stella is the darker doggie and Matilda is the thinner one...? Is Stella bigger than Tilda or is that just fur? I miss those window wonders in our travels. Hope you are both rested and ready for action. We miss you.
    • Re: So the cousins finally meet

      Matilda is the darker one, the bigger one. Mostly the girls get along fine, but we're working on playing together. Matilda and I are at the library now. We had two kids come to read. Since there was a break, I decided to check my email. Sorry I haven't gotten on online sooner.
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