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Backyard Agility.....Now a Tunnel

Backyard Agility.....Now a Tunnel

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For my birthday my sister gave me a tunnel to add to my backyard agility course. It's beautiful and Matilda and I love it. The tunnel is Matilda's favorite piece of equipment.

  • That looks like so much fun! And I think that Matilda is ready for aerobatics. Can all Labradoodles fly?
  • my favorite snapshot is the one where she's barreling into the tunnel and all you see is the force of her back legs plunging her into the tunnel and the happy plume of her fuzzy tail!!! We're so glad you guys love it!
  • It really does look like fun. Of course, Matilda is obviously having a ball running the whole course. I wonder what Saoirse would do. ...... She'd probably just run high speed laps around the outside perimeter. But she'd have fun doing that, too.
    • Backyard Agility

      You could try setting up some jumps in your yard. I made the jumps using pvc pipe, plant stakes , and clamps to hold the cross bars. Each jump cost a total of $6. Saoirse might love it, too.
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