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Yesterday was Field Day at my school. Along with many students and parents, Matilda and I began the day with the 3K run. Next the kids had their fun field events: a three legged race, leap frog, sack race, shoe kick, tug of war. Then the carnival type booths opened. This year was an Olympics theme. They had a tight rope walk, a balance beam, hoola hooping, a dunking booth. As usual I was the Pocket Lady. For the price of a win ticket a child could pick a prize from one of my many pockets.

One of my students arrived late to Field Day. He had gone first to his soccer game. He handed me a MacDonald's bag. He said he had found a baby hummingbird on the ground under a big tree at his soccer game. Once before someone had given me a baby hummingbird to care for and it had died. I didn't welcome the responsibility.

I took it back to my classroom and got some sugar water out of my little refrigerator I have to keep the nectar cold. It drank some sugar water from a spoon. I could see its little tongue working. I had spilled some of the water into the bag so I found a fresh bag to put it in.

I had decided to call Wild Wings of California, the rescue group that brings the birds (hawks, owls, falcons)to the Audubon booth at Village Venture. I wasn't sure where they were located, but I got their number from information. Judy answered the phone. I explained that one of my students had brought me a baby hummingbird. I said that it seemed to be in pretty good shape. I had fed it some sugar water. She said not to give it too much sugar water and to be careful not to spill the sugar water on it. She had to go out, but I could bring the bird by in two hours.

I continued my Pocket Lady duties and then at noon I went back to get the bird which was now peeping inside the bag. I popped Matilda in the back seat of the car and put the peeping bag with the baby hummingbird on the floor in front. I found the house fairly easily, parked Matilda in the shade and delivered my little bird carrier to Judy. She was on the phone so we didn't talk long. She did take a quick look at the bird and she agreed it looked in pretty good shape.

A few hours later I called Wild Wings to check and see how the little bird was doing. I spoke with Judy's husband Bob. He said the bird was sitting on a perch and was self feeding from a syringe without a needle. He said it looked about half grown. I asked what kind they thought it was. He said they thought maybe a Black-chinned or Allen's Hummingbird. I thanked him and was glad I had good news to report to my kids at school.

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