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Kindergarten Beanie Babies

Kindergarten Beanie Babies

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This week in my kindergarten class we did our annual project of making Beanie Babies. The kids had made their drawings and picked their fabrics. I sent these home for cutting with a grandma and some moms who sew. Thursday with the adults guiding the fabric through the machine and the kids pushing the power pedal we sewed them together. We had more moms to help with turning, stuffing and hand sewing. The kids added eyes and other decorations.

Notice the fish in the penguin's stomach.
  • they are beautiful... do they get to keep them and play with them together at school or do they go right home?
  • These are fantastic! You know those ugly looking ones that are so hip now? Those are mean and creepy I think. But these are delightful. Your class is very creative and I think they have pretty things in their imaginations. What a wonderful project.
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