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Until a a couple of years ago I never had squirrels in my yard. There weren't many squirrels in town. Up in the wilderness park or at the botanic garden I would see some native western squirrels, but then I began to see these other squirrels. First I saw them at the park. They began moving south until they were everywhere. They're invasive eastern squirrels and they're very aggressive.

I used to be able to keep a seed feeder for the birds on the ground. No more.

They eat my avocados and my tangerines. At school they chewed into the box where I was storing bird seed.

This morning I went out into the backyard to play with Matilda. I left the door open as I often do. After a little while, I went back into the house to fix breakfast for me and for Matilda, and I almost had a heart attack. There was a squirrel in the house!!!

I quickly realized it was Matilda's toy, but it sure did get my heart pumping.

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