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this place is for the birds

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

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looking at me
Tonight we went to the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn to see the wealthy Italian neighborhood all decked out in Christmas lights. The houses are huge and many of them had signs saying which company had decorated the house. Here is a sampling.




  • Oh wow! Those lights are incredible!
    • Yes, the houses were like this for blocks and blocks. People come from all around to see them. There were even little van tour buses.
  • Ah I remember these from last year's video. Pretty amazing. I bet the houses withOUT the lights are amazing all by themselves. !
    • Yes, lots of mansions. Unless they have huge families, they must rattle around in them.
    • Yeah my vid from last year was enough for me--I didn't even take any still shots this time. But it was still awe-inducing to go see them again
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