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this place is for the birds



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Last year at my school's annual fund raiser, one of the parents donated a three day cruise for two to Ensenada, Mexico. Two sets of parents of kids in my class won the cruise and gave it to me. Over Easter weekend Grammy1 and I set sail.

We upgraded to a room with a view. In harbor we could see The Queen Mary.

Before we left we had to have life boat drill.

It was interesting seeing the loading and unloading of containers in the Long Beach Harbor.

There was lots to do on board: swim, play miniature golf, gamble, play basketball, watch the birds, go to shows, drink, play bingo, go to art shows and auctions, listen to music, lie in the sun, read, have your picture taken with your family or the Easter Bunny, run, go to a spa, exercise and eat and eat and eat.

In Ensenada we went on the Blowhole and Winery tour.

We went to the flea market and had lunch.

We had a good time.
  • great post... this is the reason i love lj... postcards like this
  • Please tell me that's not Matilda in the zebra suit.
    • The Zebra Suit

      The burro in the zebra suit was really very funny. We had to pay the men a dollar to take a picture of him. Alas, Matilda couldn't come. She stayed mostly with the First Grade teacher and her husband. She spent part of one day at the home of the Spanish teacher whose daughter was badly in need of a dog fix. I missed her, but she was well cared for.
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