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Show and Go Sunday

Show and Go Sunday

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looking at me
Sunday morning Matilda, Joey, and I went to a show and go in Chino. Winning Edge Dog Sports is 20 minutes from my house. I love it! Both Joey and Matilda were happy and focused. The missed jumps were my fault, not enough support. The rear cross on the tunnel needs practice for Joey. This was the masters course. We did the novice course first, but I don't have video.

Matilda was so relaxed, none of the trial stress.

  • How do you keep from just stopping what you're doing and reaching down and kissing his adorable face? Joey is sooooo cute and bouncy, he makes me smile. 😀😀😀
    • When we're not doing agility, I do a whole lot kissing his adorable face.He's a real Momma's boy and follows me around the house. He's a real cutie pie.

      He IS bouncy. I'm thinking maybe we should work on jump grids so he isn't quite so bouncy over the jumps.
      • I think you should kiss him ON COURSE TOO!! Can you imagine the whole new world that would open up for both of you? I can. :)

        I think he'll lose a bit of his UP when he figures out the game is about going forward. Not sure if jump grids are the solution. When he knows exactly where he's going, he doesn't bounce as much (in the videos). Bouncing might just be his version of the Shelty Spin.

        • That just made me laugh and laugh!!! Then I got a little worried. Then he changed what he was doing, added the hit on the fence to the spin and I started laughing again. Still, the sheltie spin is a little worrisome.
          • I can't tell how old that dog is... but they don't sound like they're doing anything to encourage it to do "something else" and a lot of shelties do that spinning stuff. You see if often in agility.
            If I had a sheltie (or a Joey) I would expect some spinning (and some bouncing) now and again, but I would work on forward motion ALL THE TIME to help the dog understand the rewards are ahead! not up or by me, etc.

            Some breeds do come by these behaviors naturally. And taking away some of that natural tendency is definitely a training challenge.
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