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More Agility

More Agility

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This morning Matilda and I went to watch some agility trials in the City of Industry. I've had lots of mail postmarked City of Industry ( It must be a big transfer station.), but I'd never been there or really even known where it was. Now I do. It's about 30 minutes southwest of me. January 1st I had gone to watch a nearby AKC agility trial open only to pure bred dogs. This was USDAA, open to all dogs, thus Matilda was welcome as an observer. I thought we might pick up some tips by watching.

The most common dog was definitely the Border Collie, but there were many other kinds of dogs, too.

When we got home I was inspired to set up a series of four jumps in a row. We've been working on this in class.

  • she looks great going over the jumps! Stella loves to jump in and out of the iron fences they put around the trees on the sidewalks here to keep dogs and such out... she flies!

    the show dog people seem to prefer the wire crates... wonder why? is it because they break down and lie flat for traveling?

    when are you going to put your pup in a show?
    • Crates

      There were a lot of soft crates, too. Some of those in the pictures are the soft crates with a metal frame. That's what I bought at Christmas for Matilda when she went to stay with Sarah and Rocky. Those crates also fold flat, are light to carry, and are fairly cheap.

      Matilda and I have a lot to learn before we compete. We have to be able to do the weave poles in a straight line. We have to do the seesaw and A-frame at full height. We haven't ever done the tunnel with the cloth attached on the end or the ramp with the cross walk and the ramp down. A lot has to do with the human being able to quickly and clearly communicate to the dog partner on the run where to go next. It was interesting to watch the difference between the Masters' Ring and the Beginners' Ring
  • check out this entry... the first youtube... http://green-knight.livejournal.com/418798.html
    • These dogs are amazing. The relationships are amazing. The dogs all seem so happy as they work. I guess they wouldn't get to be good if they weren't happy. Matilda is certainly happy when we're working on agility.
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