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this place is for the birds



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Matilda and I are having great fun in our weekly agility classes. This week I picked up ten dollars worth of materials at OSH Hardware so we can practice in the backyard. Eight plant stakes and nine pieces of pvc pipe give six weave poles and a jump. Instructor Barbara Mah says the weave poles are the one thing they really can't learn with just once a week practice in the classes.

  • What a good girl she is!!!! and very clever of you!!

    Maybe we can make these in CT too and Matilda can teach Stella!!!

    ...so far we have a little jump in the back yard made of baby chairs and a child's gardening hoe and I made a "ladder" on the ground with sticks... in the park she wants to jump logs... but today the owner of a Portugese Water Dog told me about this huge place nearby us we can try in the summer... http://www.caninesportscenter.com/page.php?2
    • Agility in Goshen

      I took the virtual tour slide show. I looks great!
      That will be wonderful for next summer!
    • Agility in Goshen

      I looked at the Goshen sport center again. They have someone who does the Pet Paws DELTA dogs program as well. They also have rent a tub for bathing, but at $25 that's pretty expensive. I'm really looking forward to checking that place out. The agility should be great. I emailed the dog therapy woman in New Milford where I took Matilda to play last summer, but I didn't get a reply about whether or not she has started doing agility.
  • That's so great! I want to get Darcy involved with agility eventually but we're going to try flyball first when the season starts. It's nice that you're able to work outdoors this time of year, though! Did she catch on quickly?
    • Agility

      Matilda really loves agility! She does catch on to the new skills very quickly. I think her favorite thing is the tunnel, but she's really very enthusiastic about everything. We are lucky here with the weather. We started classes in November. Over the the holidays there were two weeks without classes, and two weeks we were rained out.
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